To register your child to pre-primary, registrations will be made online Inscriptions – Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (

To find the CSAP school closest to you, Trouver une école – Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (

Eligibility criteria can be found at Critères d’admissibilité – Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (

Transportation service is available for pre-kindergarten children. For children who will be taking the bus, you will find the information Transport scolaire – Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (

Le Petit Voilier does not provide transportation, you must register your child to receive this service.  Educators will be present for the welcome and bus departure.

You will need to let us know if your child will be taking the bus in the morning, afternoon or both.

Children already enrolled in CPE Le Petit Voilier programs will be given priority for the before / after pre-school program.  Registrations will be limited according to each center’s license.  Places will be confirmed when the majority of registrations are received in April.

For questions about your eligibility for the Pre-Primary Program – Grandir en français, please contact the school or by email:

For questions about the program before and after preschool, please contact direction d’école

Grandir en Français FAQs

What are the rates of the program before & after pre-primary?

The costs per day, for the before / after pre-school program, is $ 15.75. There is no difference in price if the child attends only in the afternoon. In addition, an additional $ 11.15 will be charged to those who participate in the pedagogical days, Christmas break, spring break, etc. Please note that this full day service is only available to children who are enrolled in the before / after pre-school program.

Who can attend the before and after Pre-Primary Program?

The Pre-primary Program « Grandir en Français » is open to all children who are enrolled in one of the programs where we offer a service, Grand-Portage school, Bois-Joli school and the Tournesol

Can my child be registered to the program if he or she requires special needs?

The Pre-Primary Program is a program that favors the integration of all children.  When they attend the Pre-Primary Program, children with special needs, will continue to have access to the same services and support system from which he or she benefited at home or within the framework of a community-based program.  Please communicate with the person in charge of the Pre-Primary Program to discuss the needs of your child before he or she begins the program, so that he or she can be successful within the framework of the Pre-Primary Program.

In which school should I register my child?

Your child must live within a school community that offers the Pre-Primary Program.

Will there be a child care service before and after school?

Yes, there will be a before/after school child care service.  A cost will be associated with this service, and there will be a limited number of places available.  This service will also include care during professional development days, etc.  Additional costs will be charged for those days.

Please take note that the before/after school child care service for the 4-year-olds will not automatically continue once the child begins primary.  We have a waiting list for that service.

What will be the hours for the child care service?

The hours of service will be from 7 am to 7:45 am and from 2 pm to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

The cost will be for a two-week period.

Will meals be provided?

A snack will be served in the afternoon

How do I register my child to the before & after pre-primary program?

Please send a message to the following address:

Subsequently, we will communicate with you through email to provide you with more information on the program.

Who do I communicate with if I have questions about the program?

For questions about your eligibility for the Pre-Primary Program – Grandir en français, 
please contact direction d’école

Is the program before and after pre-primary regulated?

The before/after child care program is a regulated program under Nova Scotia child care standards like all our other services