What are the eligibility criteria?

Le Petit Voilier, an advocate for the CSAP, follows the same eligibility criteria as the Provincial Acadian School Board (CSAP) as defined by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Section 23).  There are two categories for registration eligibility:  entitled parents and non-entitled parents.


An entitled parent must be a Canadian citizen able to answer « YES » to at least one of the three points below:

a.      My first language learned and still understood is French.

b.      I received my elementary school education in Canada in a French as a first language program.

c.       One of my children was educated at the elementary or secondary level in Canada in a French as a first language program.


A non-entitled parent must meet one of the following criteria:

Children of parents/guardians with Canadian citizenship, including a grandparent that speaks or spoke French in their lifetime, provided that parents/guardians agree to actively engage their child with the French language throughout their schooling.

Children of parents/guardians who are not Canadian citizens who speak, read and write French according to their grade school level of requirements, and are living in a household where French is spoken. Parents/guardians of the child will become entitled upon obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Students who participate in an international exchange program and speak, read and write French according to the requirements of his or her grade school level.

Children living with a biological parent who is not an entitled parent and who is currently living with a Canadian citizen with entitled rights (as described above).