Partnerships with the provincial Canadian Acadian School Board (CSAP)

The provincial Acadian school board was established in May of 1996, following the adoption the Nova Scotia Education Act on April 1st, 1996.

Today, CSAP schools are examples of dynamism and cultural diversity. This is where Francophones throughout the province come together, whether they are Nova Scotian or new to the province. It is here where the French Nova Scotian community is built!

The successes of the CSAP are a success for the entire province of Nova Scotia. The continued commitment of families and staff to their schools foster a deep connection between the schools and community. This helps to not only strengthen the Acadian and Francophone community, but also aids in the social, cultural and economic development of the entire province.

In 1991, the daycare Le Petit Voilier was founded, and was part of the school community centre. In 1998, Le Petit Voilier became a full-grown non-profit institution and developed a partnership with the school board.

Our centres are located within the CSAP schools, which allow the children to become familiar with the school environment from a very early age, helping to facilitate their transition into the school system.

Furthermore, through this partnership, Le Petit Voilier can offer quality childcare services at reasonable costs, and excellent work conditions to its employees.

This valuable partnership between the CSAP schools and Le Petit Voilier daycare is a success for both parties!