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Procedures for Foreign Workers

Procedures for persons with foreign credentials 

For Canadian Educators

The province of Nova Scotia currently recognizes the following diplomas for a level 2 classification:

  • Early Childhood Education Diploma (Quebec and Ontario)
    Including these for after school care:
  • Specialized Education Diploma (Quebec)
  • Bachelor in Psychoeducation (Quebec)

Procedures for persons with credentials obtained in Canada 

For more information on classification and approval for working with school-aged children, see the Guide for classification and approval for working with school aged-children of the child care staff classification services.

Send the application to Child Care Staff Classification Services

Early Years Branch Department of Education & ECD
PO Box 578
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2S9

When you receive a response, please send it to us at:

CPE Le Petit Voilier:
201B avenue du Portage
Dartmouth, NS
B2X 3T4